Customs broker, clearance, brokerage, Freight forwarder San Francisco CA Our Company UNIPAX specializes in Customs Brokerage Service.

Professional Customs Broker San Francisco CA | Freight Forwarder Oakland, San Francisco CA

UNIPAX always strives to get 100% of customer satisfaction with the most competitive rate and outstanding performance. Our Mission Our mission is to make UNIPAX the favored Customs Brokerage Company by providing exceptional service with continuous efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. UNIPAX aims to provide outstanding performance, value added service, and best solution by fulfilling our customers’ import and logistics needs.

UNIPAX is a reliable Customs Broker in San Francisco California USA and you can trust our people and services. UNIPAX provides the customs clearance service not only in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Bay Area but in any arrival ports throughout the United States via Remote Location Filing. With Unipax, you are guaranteed of fast, professional and reliable customs clearance services. With Unipax, you are assured to reduce duties, avoid penalties, and eliminate compliance risk. UNIPAX is here to help you.

Customs broker, clearance, brokerage, Freight forwarder San Francisco CA Our Company UNIPAX specializes in Customs Brokerage Service. Furthermore, the high trained and qualified professionals of UNIPAX have been able to accumulate their experiences and knowledge in not only Customs Clearance but Warehousing, Distribution, Transportation, and Freight Forwarding for over 20 years. Therefore, UNIPAX could be your ultimate logistics solution.

Our Strengths Availability (24/7 services) Flexible Working Hour Experience and Experts Good Relationship with US Customs and Vendors Transportation Security and Monitoring Risk Management – Contingency Plan Speedy progress of Customs Clearance Pre-Clearance Prior to Arrival On-time Pickup and Delivery Services Dedicated Manpower ETA & ATA Management Optimized and Secured Routing

San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area Reliable and Professional Customs Broker

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