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Our program is designed to suit players from any age group and level of play, whether they are a beginner tennis, intermediate or advanced player.


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Adult Development
Saturday 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Hitting skill

  • Basic forehand backhand.
  • Teach students how to correctly grip the racket.
  • Start working on volleys.
  • Begin working on using basic flat serve.
  • Begin working on overheads.
  • Learn how to build basic rallies.

Receiving skill

  • Acquire basic positioning.
  • Further develop fundamental motor skills.
  • Learn to tracking the ball, reading the ball.
  • Reacting to the ball using basic movement.


Clinic schedule

We focus on fundamental skills for beginners and intermediate players by improving their technical and tactical skills. These are the fundamentals of the game, and through a 4 step method used by our coaches starting with ball dropping, hand tossing, racket feeding, and rallies, we develop their skills targeting their errors in specified drills. Each clinic we train our players on a particular skill or stroke, using equipment and the correct court size/ball level in order to give them a chance to hit the ball and work on that given stroke.

With the support of our partners, the USTA( United States Tennis Association ) providing us with training equipment. All tennis courts used for the weekly clinics and seasonal camps are reserved through Facilitron, which allows us to continue developing our players by assuring us the use of the courts we need.

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Bay Team Tennis Academy is a youth and adults tennis training academy, specialized to train and develop players who are looking to excel in their game.

The Test to move on to the Orange level

In order to move on from the red ball up to the orange ball, you will have to complete a test which will demonstrate the general objectives you should have completed in the course. For the test, you will get five attempts at having a rally of 10 or more shots using the red ball at half-court. The five attempts will be five different feeds from the instructor which will start the point, if the tennis instructor hits the ball out it does not count against the student’s rally.


We run multiple programs all year long such as the weekly youth and adult clinics, private tennis lessons, seasonal camps, our self run tournaments, and other programs which you can see in the programs section of this website. We aim to create a world where players from different experience and playing backgrounds gather for the same objective; to learn, receive good practice, and master their skills to build confidence for a stronger, competitive mindset. We are here to put players on the right path and are committed to players success in what goals they have.

At Bay Team Tennis Academy we help players build their game as players benefit from the coaches attention and care. With our support, our students achieve the strength and stability they need to build a better game for themselves. Through our strategic plan, Bay Team Tennis Academy serves players to attain their goals ,we strive to give every player the opportunity to discover the game and learn it in an enthusiastic environment. The goal is make them play with passion with experienced coaches dedicated to working with them to open doors of success. We are here to welcome a new generation of players and help them usher in the next era of tennis. Check out our program to learn more about what we are doing.

Some of our revenues go to our foundation to support orphans and helpless children in Western Africa by offering kids tennis and education. Each year we organize training camps and tournaments in the Ivory Coast to help children who don’t get the opportunity to play tennis by making donations in tennis equipment and food. You can support our foundation by making a donation to make an impact in some other children’s lives.

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For players starting to learn tennis this program is our lowest level, and is typically for ages 5-7 years old . The red ball is bigger, and made with less pressure so the pace of the ball is much slower, it does not bounce as high, students in this age group are not required to hit the ball in one bounce. Players will be using 19-23 inch rackets as there is not as much power needed as in other ball types, and typically kids in the Red Ball clinic don’t have the strength to hold bigger rackets. The students play on a 36’ long and 48’ wide court which is the size of the half court determined by the service line, this is to give kids a better chance of having a rally and learn control through doing so.